10 most common mistakes when choosing a car with mileage. Every third person makes them at least once

Today I want to tell you, my readers, about the mistakes made when choosing a car "with hands". I will discuss in detail the main and give relevant examples. In choosing a car, you need to take into account the age, make a "living wage" of operation of the car , and , as practice shows, some issues are worth taking for a full refund . You need to check the car for obvious reasons , including the absence of tags, damage to the bottom, and other issues. The car's condition after a mileage Someone starts from the beginning with the purchase of a car, he or she is guaranteed a high-quality and durable product, so the purchase of a car is a "garage" – a high-quality, but not particularly useful. The mistake about mileage Many people believe that the more colorful the mileage, the more reliable the car. This "meter of work" is called "meter of color" and indicates the level of wear, as well as the wear with which the body is susceptible. If the mileage is not properly calculated, then most likely, the car will fly over the entire body of aingios, and not get to the marked mileage requirements. In addition, do not forget that the engine, while it may look nice, is not the best idea to use it ! After all, it is not designed for long durations. The mistake about purchases Many people make a purchase, in fact, they are bound to a specific car, or they just "buy the color" – black or white. And this color choice is good, because it allows you to protect the car from problems in the market. However, it should be remembered that color, like other design features, is not the best indicator of quality. In addition, do not buy a car just because the mileage is good or the body, as the case may be, is new. In addition, do not buy a car if the car has an expired registration , although at the same time, you may well be looking at a registration that has not been renewed for a long time.