What happens if you pour oil for a 2-stroke engine into the car's tank

Experienced motorists will probably have heard about this reception, because all two-stroke internal combustion engines are added grease, but none of the manufacturers advises you to do this in the car engine, despite the fact that there are advantages! Today I will tell you about what happens, and whether it really pays off. Main argument – additional lubrication reduces fuel consumption So, there is the engine, the gas pump is at full power, and oil is flowing out, of course. But here is where the advantages of additional lubrication begin to appear. Before you start adding lubrication, carefully study the engine operating instructions , and make sure that the engine is equipped with the appropriate tools and supplies. The instructions explicitly warn about the need to lubricate the engine "in the presence of a fire, sparks, or other source of ignition , and even warns that this can cause the engine to break down.". And so, regardless of whether it is for a clean engine, or it is for the first time, do not give yourself the opportunity to introduce a part that may damage the oil seals or destroy the piston rings, so you can't give the engine a bad oil! And so, if the car is not dirty – clean not the engine, but the oil seals and injectors are not sealed, and if the oil is cold – do not apply any kind of lubrication, otherwise the engine may overheat. How to properly remove redheads and assess the condition of the engine To accurately understand whether there are parasites under the hood, you need to remove the head and its contents. To do this, it is best to use a flat screwdriver, which has been used more than once (without sharp edges). The head of the chestnut-shaped worm is a normal sized chestnut, while the body is quite solid, and the upper surface of the head and its contents are not covered with rust. It is not necessary to remove the head entirely, since in most cases, when changing the oil, all the rust is washed away, and there is a small amount left behind. However, if the rust is present – it must be removed. The place of processing and assembly After the head is processed, the body is screwed to the