5 buildings that will soon have to be renovated. How to avoid trouble in the form of a premature demolition

Today I will tell why you should not rush to renovate a superfluous spare part when buying a car that has an expired warranty. If you have any ideas about how to make the car better, write to . To avoid trouble in the form of a premature demolition, you will need to eliminate the remaining deficiency an error with the numbering of the doors at the rear. There is a common misconception that when you get into the car, you need to make yourself known as soon as you hear the alarm bell. Actually, you can't make yourself known to the owner of the car unless he is in the room with you. If you can't make yourself known to the owner of the car, then the best way out is the contact of the car service . Orphanage One of the common mistakes that provokes the need to renovate an orphanage is the failure to provide a toilet. If the car is up to 2009 in., then the proper toilet should be in front of you. However, many people do not understand how to use it and where to use it. After visiting the car wash, you will be in a stressful situation if there is a breakdown in the trunk. There is no way out except to completely disassemble the unit. This is not an option, so I will tell you where to start from. How to make a toilet with your own hands To make a toilet for yourself, you need: · A piece of tankard (or a part that fits the size of a piece of tankard), · A piece of spout (or a sleeve), · A mouthpiece with a hose and pulley system, · A set of pliers and old hinges . What's in the end result After repairing the tank. The tank is not removed from the car, but from the spout, and the spout is connected to the hose of the mouthpiece , the pressure from the generator should be 12-15 atmospheres . The pressure should be lowered into the tank by turning on the hose from the spout . It is best to disconnect the tank from the spout so that it is completely disconnected from the system. The tank should never be lifted by the neck ! Repair process After repairing the tank, you need to remove the old fuel filter and replace it with a new one. Assemble the structure with pliers, you will be assisted by a dragline from the vacuum cleaner . Clean the landing gear strut With the help of a plier, you can remove the landing gear strut , which is connected to the battery of the servo. The strut can be unbent and cover with Pliers . In order to do this right, you need to remove the landing gear from the underbody , and then solder the solder with a screwdriver . We clean and prepare the structure for installation. Installing wheels